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Did you ever have the thought, ā€œI didn’t get into this business so I could become a salesperson?ā€

Entrepreneurs get into business because we have a big dream to make some money, or change the world or improve it in some way. Or maybe because we hate having a boss. What nobody talked about was that to be a successful entrepreneur we have to learn to sell! And so now you find yourself building this business and you realize that social media and straight marketing aren’t bringing your clients to the table quickly enough….what to do?

Wouldn’t it be sweet……

If sales were a natural part of your work day activities. If you got to your desk in the morning to check your bank account and you had all the money you needed. If your biggest challenge was doing the intake on a steady stream of new clients every month. If the college fund for your children and grandchildren was paid for and you had enough time to take a vacation? Strong revenues can do that!Selling Doesn't Have To Be Hard

What if I told you selling doesn’t have to be hard?

That might be a little difficult for you to believe at this moment. What I know to be true is that with a few simple strategies even the most shy and introverted individuals can sell. And for those of you who are not shy, you’re maybe just shy about selling. Think about it -odds are you didn’t go to school to learn how to sell. So why are you so hard on yourself when your efforts don’t work? Great sales people are trained, not born. Continue Reading →